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Before creating VPC flow logs for ingestion by AE, an S3 bucket for log storage and an SNS topic and subscription for log delivery notifications must be designated and/or created. Please refer to AWS Prerequisites before continuing further.

VPC Flow Logs

Now is the time to create the VPC flow log. Navigate to a VPC of interest, then to Flow logs and Create flow log

Give the flow log a name, set Destionation to Send to an Amazon S3 bucket and input the ARN of the appropriate bucket you designated and/or created in AWS Prerequisites

For Log record format select Custom format and use:

${version} ${start} ${pkt-srcaddr} ${srcaddr} ${dstaddr} ${pkt-dstaddr} ${srcport} ${dstport} ${protocol} ${bytes} ${instance-id} ${action} ${tcp-flags}

VPC flow logs should now start flowing into AE.