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Okta SSO Integration

Supported features

  • IdP-initiated SSO (through Third-party Initiated Login) - This authentication flow occurs when the user attempts to log in to AlphaSOC's Console from Okta.
  • Just-In-Time provisioning (JIT) - Automatically creates a user account in your AlphaSOC's Console organization the first time a user logs in.


In order to proceed with configuring login with SSO through Okta, you must:

  • Have access to an Okta tenant
  • Be an Okta administrator to that tenant
  • Have an active AlphaSOC's Console organization owner account. If you do not have an account, you can register here.

Read this before you enable Okta OICD

Enabling OICD affects all users within your organization. Users won't be able to sign in through alphasoc's regular sign-in page. They are able to access the app through the Okta service.

Configuration steps

  1. As an Okta workspace administrator navigate to the Applications view, click Browse App Catalog button and search for AlphaSOC Console or click here: Okta dashboard view Okta dashboard view Okta dashboard view

  2. Define who should have an access to the AlphaSOC's Console: Okta dashboard view

  3. Navigate to the Sign On tab in Okta App, then copy and save credentials into the AlphaSOC's Console organization settings view: Okta dashboard view Workspace settings

  1. After all these steps, AlphaSOC Console application icon should be visible under "Applications" in the Okta end user dashboard. Click on the application icon to initiate sign-on to AlphaSOC Console. Okta dashboard view


In order to bring back default password authorization, please contact